How to shoot sharp & well- focused pictures at night ?

How to hold the camera properly.

Learn how to hold your camera properly. Elbow close to the body, hold the lens with your left hand and the body with the right hand ( for right-handed people ). Don’t hold the camera like a teacup. Hold it tight and steady. Practice yoga breathing technique. Compose your shot, hold the camera steady, hold your breath while you press the shutter slowly ( squeeze it like a gun trigger ) and then exhale.
So compose, aim, hold breath, squeeze shutter, exhale and continue.

How to set up the best quality exposure.

High Image Quality Settings – RAW plus FINE ( JPEG ) Raw has the highest quality & contains all color information.
ISO Film Speed – 100 ASA ( shooting low ISO guarantees highest quality & no noise or grain )
AWB Settings – Use both A & Incandescent Settings
Picture Control – Use both Standard & Neutral Settings
Focal Lengths – Shoot wide angle ( 24mm ), Normal ( 50mm ), and Telephoto ( 70-85mm )
Exposure setting – M setting, Manual Exposure
Exposure Compensation Dial – this must be set to ZERO, it has the plus & minus sign
LCD Brightness Settings – Set this between 0 to plus 1 during outdoor night exposure. But it
depends on how much light is out there. Brightly lighted buildings downtown require 0. Watch the
LCD brightness as this is critical for calculating exposures. You can be off by as much as 1-2 stops.

My name is Elle. I am a portrait and travel photographer here in Southern California and I teach photography to beginners both online and one-on-one in person.
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