Mastering Small Product & Jewelry Photography in Los Angeles

Dates for the studio workshop: Sept. 8 – Nov. 12 , 2019
Locations : San Francisco & Los Angeles
Workshop Fee
: $ 650 per student. Private session only. Includes studio space & lighting for 4 hours.

Take this course if you have a desire to learn how to create spectacular small product images by being able to follow the instructions included in this course. If you would like to learn how you can take photos of the small products or jewelry you are selling, consider attending my private workshop. Instead of photographing your items on a carpet or bed spread with bad lighting. Say NO to bad photography and start making more money with quality photos. Whether you are selling your own products on your own website or small products on eBay, I truly believe this course can help you.

Note: This class is for owners of a DSLR’s only and for those who have at least a basic understanding of their camera.

Topics covered in the product workshop are:

Vocabulary, or terms used in the studio (feather, key light, fill light)
Gear to start your own studio
Quality of light
Getting the shot

This is a 7-hour workshop that includes studio photography education that includes working with electronic strobes, tungsten lighting, assorted backdrops, studio props, and different types of lighting techniques in a professional photo studio in North Hollywood.


Session 1: Intro to studio lighting gear – Strobes & continuous light ( tungsten )
Session 2: Camera settings and strobes
Session 3: Understanding how to light your product shots
Session 4: Getting “The Shot”
Session 5: Choosing the best images and quick tips on post-processing. Using Lightroom for post processing


This is the equipment I used in the photoshoot.
I ordered 2 PBL 10 foot Light Stands Heavy Duty All Metal ( not plastic ).Bought a light shooting table with white curved plexiglass. You can easily replaced the plexiglass with other background materials. I also bought a large softbox and a long narrow softbox which is great for creating tall highlights.



My name is Elle. I am a portrait and travel photographer here in Southern California and I teach photography to beginners both online and one-on-one in person.
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