Mission District Creative Composition Photo Safari

Get creative with your digital camera or Smart phone using composition techniques

Dates for the workshop:  Dec. 18, 2019 – Feb. 18, 2020

Maximum number of participants : Limited to 4 people

Workshop Fee: $ 200  for the 4- hour class. $ 400 for 2 people.

Morning or afternoon.

Composition workshop using rule of thirds, leading lines, and frame within a frame.

Topics Cover: Basic photography skills- lighting, exposure, composition, How to use those fancy doodads on your camera, How to prevent blurry shots. How to compose those colorful travel postcards? Why flash improves your photo quality? How to photograph your friends and family in front of famous attractions ? Our photo tours are a lot of fun and informative. Your photo instructor is a full-time working photographer who has been teaching the Photo Safari workshops for the last few years in San Diego, San Francisco, & New York .

My name is Elle. I am a portrait and travel photographer here in Southern California and I teach photography to beginners both online and one-on-one in person.
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