Photography for bloggers

New photo workshop for travel and food bloggers. I will be teaching my 4-hour digital photography and photo editing workshop for beginners in the following locations : What to bring : Smart phone like the latest Android or IPhone, Laptop Dates and fees to be announced: San Francisco Los Angeles Orange County San Diego Yosemite National Park

Mission District Creative Composition Photo Safari

Get creative with your digital camera or Smart phone using composition techniques Dates for the workshop: Dec. 18, 2017 – March 18, 2018 Maximum number of participants : Limited to  6 students Workshop Fee: $ 175 for the 5 hour class. Morning or afternoon. Composition workshop using rule of thirds, leading lines, and frame within a frame. Topics Cover: Basic […]

San Francisco Cable Car Photo Safari

Bay Area Digital Photography Crash Course for Beginners Learn to control your new DSLR and learn new skills from a professional photographer. Ell your photo instructor lived in San Francisco for 7 years prior to moving to LA. Dates available: Dec. 17, 2017 to April 19, 2018 All tours are by appointment. Meeting Location: Union Square Starbucks at Macy’s Workshop […]

San Francisco Night Photography Workshops

Take some amazing night photos of San Francisco Urban Scenes using handheld ( high ISO ) and tripod shots ( low ISO ). Bring a fast prime lens if you have one. This is a 5 hour night photography workshop where we will shoot the essence of San Francisco. Workshop Dates : October 14 – December 3, 2017. Shooting Locations […]

Santa Monica Exposure & Composition Workshop

This class is for anybody who wants to create visually compelling photographs. You will learn photographic composition – a crucial element for great photos. Workshop Dates : October 9 -30,  2017 . All photo workshops by appointment Cost of the workshop: $ 175 for the 4 hour class. Hours : 7 – 11 am, 3 – 7 pm, Meeting place to be announced […]

Iphone or Android Photography & Photo Blogging Workshop

Can You Do Real Photography With iPhone or Android Phone? One of the common smart phone photography misconceptions is that the iPhone or an Android Phone can’t be used for serious photography. While DSLR cameras are technically superior, the quality of a photo mostly depends on the photographer’s intent and creative vision.As photographers we too often get caught up buying […]

How to shoot sharp & well- focused pictures at night ?

How to hold the camera properly. Learn how to hold your camera properly. Elbow close to the body, hold the lens with your left hand and the body with the right hand ( for right-handed people ). Don’t hold the camera like a teacup. Hold it tight and steady. Practice yoga breathing technique. Compose your shot, hold the camera steady, […]