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after Covid-19 restrictions are upgraded

How to travel safely during the summer

Is It Safe to Plan a 2021 Road Trip in the US amidst Lingering Pandemic Conditions?

As of April 2, 2021, the CDC clearly states: “People who are fully vaccinated with an FDA-authorized vaccine can travel safely within the United States.”

So as of this update – the US has given a green light for vaccinated Americans to safely go on a road trip! Of course, they still advise taking some additional precautions like wearing masks on public transport and monitoring for symptoms after traveling.

For those who cannot get vaccinated, the CDC further offers advice on how to travel domestically as safely as possible, recommending testing and/or quarantining measures. Read the official CDC domestic travel guidance here.

Consider a Staycation in 2021- Stay close to home

You don’t necessarily have to drive across the country to enjoy the fun of a road trip. Rediscover your own back yard! You likely have an inside advantage of local knowledge of some lesser-known spots that are within a tankful of gas.

This may be a perfect time to consider checking out that interesting place a few counties over you’ve been wanting to go to.

Not straying far from home has further advantages. With rising gas prices, you’ll save some cash!

Yet from a safety standpoint, if someone were to get sick during a 2021 road trip, then you’d be within easy reach of returning home, quarantining, and/or seeking medical attention at home.