What my photo students are saying about my photo workshops .

Hi Elle!

I just want to THANK you for such a great day! I just reviewed all of our shots and after explaining what the experiments were to my husband I realized how much we covered today. I really learned a lot about white balance which was such an interesting study with our night photographs. That was a function of my camera that I never even knew had such creative possibilities and can’t wait to use it again. The observatory black and whites surprised me as it appeared on the LCD that there was more separation of the domes and sky but perhaps this was b/c the brightness setting gave us that impression? Overall it was great and I would be interested in doing another outing again in the future so please keep me posted as to when you will be in LA.

Thanks again,

Kelli from Los Angeles

While in San Diego I was able to take a few days with Elle and customize a photo tour of the entire area. Man, what an adventure. This guy is not only a great teaching photographer but a tour guide and restaurant expert all rolled into one. We took in the great San Diego Zoo,the Island, the Mission, the beach, Old Town and even had a night time course. Again..What an adventure, what a guy.

Testimonial from Lee Stokes, a real estate appraiser from Raleigh, North Carolina – Mar. 3,2009

Hi Elle!

This is a bit late, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for passing along your expertise to my parents onthe photo safari!
They had a wonderful time ,(they could not stop raving about how good you are!) and learned so much from you.
Thanks again, and have a great week!


Hi Elle,
Thanks again for my workshop – I learned so much! I think your help with composition was extremely valuable. I’m already looking at subjectsdifferently. Attached are the pictures I took of you. I’ll let you know when I graduate to an SLR. Maybe then we can do another workshop!

Jennifer ( owns a Canon G10)

ubject: your safari was a big hit, Elle

Dear Elle,

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience in San Diego. When I signed up for your safari, I was a little concerned that you would view me as a hick who had just fallen off the turnip truck. (If this is a new phrase to you, let me know, and I will explain). You made me feel welcome, and taught me so much about using my new camera.I would never have been able to make good pictures without your training. And the lessons continue. I am practicing, and experimenting every day. San Diego is a wonderful town for making photographs. We loved the town. We were made to feel welcome wherever we went. I would move there in a minute if I had to relocate. I have used your composition tool many times, and even to analyze scenes in movies. I see the “rule of thirds” over and over again! I am having a wonderful time using this tool and trying out my new photography skills with local subjects. I am working with manual settings for ISO, Fstop and shutter speeds, too. Also exposure, white balance, etc.
I am studying your photo assignment.I understand what you want to capture, but our vines are bare and dormant now. I will work with photos of bare vines, but the more traditional vineyard scenes will be available in the summer and the fall when there are leaves and ripe fruit on the vines. I will kee p working on this project, and send you photos to critique.
Thank you, again for a very special visit to San Diego. Please come andvisit us if you are ever in our neighborhood. The Welcome Mat is out!

Marianne Eddins

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